Fossil Fools - "the official XTC tribute" - Dave Gregory

The Fools are no more. After 2 years and 8 gigs we've been unable to replace our fourth member, so have decided to call it a day. Thanks for all your support- we'll treasure the memories.

Ed, Terry, Matt (and Dan).

About XTC

XTC were arguably the greatest band of all time. Never trendy, never selling vast numbers of records, but hugely influential. As the band stopped playing live in 1983, the only way you get to hear these fabulous songs live is via a tribute band. Fossil Fools is the third in a sequence of XTC tribute bands started in 2002 by the X-sTatiC. A happy combination of an active XTC forum and the rise of the band  created an amazing series of gigs culminating in a gathering of XTC fans in Swindon in 2005. As an XTC tribute, the Fools know that such circumstances are unlikely to happen again, but that doesn't diminish the pure pleasure they get from bringing XTC songs to life.

We do this for the love of the songs of Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding and the fabulous musical contributions of Dave Gregory, Barry Andrews and Terry Chambers.

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